2.52 acres m/l in Fairfield, TX Sold

  • $16,680 cash (discounted price)

Valued at over $30,000.

PRICE REDUCED! $16,680 discounted cash price.

This 2.52 acre m/l property is located at the end of a road and consists of 3 lots. Partially fenced in on the .12 acre lot northeast of the cemetery. There is also a quiet cemetery next door which ensures no neighbors will be building close by. The lot is wooded and would be great for a homestead. It is located in Fairfield, Freestone County, TX. It is located off of highway 45 off an improved and well-maintained road. Power and water are available. Elevation is about 350-412 feet. There are no building restrictions or time limits to build. Mobile homes, manufactured homes, cabin, tiny home, RVs or campers are all allowed.

This property consists of 3 lots and is valued at well over $40,000 once it is split. It is being listed for substantially less in order to provide you with instant equity.

Conveniently located 6 minutes north of Fairfield. 37 minutes south of Corsicana. 1.5 hours south of Dallas.

Approximate Coordinates: 31.787749, -96.236106

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  1. 2.52 acres consisting of 3 lots of 2 acres, .4 acres, and .12 acres
  2. County: Freestone County, TX
  3. APN: 14745, 14746, and 57225
  4. Legal Description: D OVERTON A-484 (complete legal description will be on the deed)
  5. Estimated annual taxes: $217.26 + 43.44 + 13.04 per year for a total of 273.74 for all 3 lots
  6. Estimated closing costs: $1,000 – $1,600
  7. Power and water available, but needs to be installed by local utility companies.  I spoke with City of Fairfield water. She said it would cost a lot more to run city water than to put in a well there and there is a great water table in that area. Septic is needed (call septic companies in the area for quotes). Navarro county coop is electric.
  8. Not in a flood zone
  9. Elevation: About 400 feet
  10. Property is NOT landlocked
  11. No building restrictions. Please check with zoning with the county/city to make sure this lot fits your needs
  12. Clear title
  13. Instant equity
  14. County road access
  15. Partially cleared lot, convenient to Fairfield, but still rural
2.52 acres $8,000 down. $19,900 cash price. 3 lots in Fairfield, Freestone county, TX

Estimated coordinates of outline of property:
2 acre lot:
31.7878143525973,-96.2355783137414 ;31.7880460529362,-96.2358939011328 ;31.7878409625002,-96.2362207266991 ;31.7875902895473,-96.2366201651165 ;31.787496310862,-96.2367699134545 ;31.7872910858432,-96.2367763079451 ;31.7867901929506,-96.2367927010382 ;31.7869516920929,-96.2365490967664 ;31.7872819158544,-96.236050982706 ;31.7876992229676,-96.2354215017379 ;31.7878143525973,-96.2355783137414

0.4 acres
31.788013299017,-96.2355669594766 ;31.7882584041381,-96.235553032425 ;31.78847674304,-96.2355406437361 ;31.7886941783228,-96.235528305601 ;31.7886613507156,-96.2356100536217 ;31.7885835445847,-96.2358038076415 ;31.7885512280839,-96.2358842802809 ;31.7880460529362,-96.2358939011328 ;31.7878143525973,-96.2355783137414 ;31.788013299017,-96.2355669594766

0.12 acres
31.7884788823207,-96.2364834419288 ;31.7887238461361,-96.2368171053359 ;31.7881813244263,-96.2368364172336 ;31.7881562564597,-96.2368356536785 ;31.7878261879299,-96.2368021208708 ;31.7876010848272,-96.2367803819227 ;31.787496310862,-96.2367699134545 ;31.7875902895473,-96.2366201651165 ;31.7878409625002,-96.2362207266991 ;31.7880460529362,-96.2358939011328 ;31.7882371811203,-96.2361542282685 ;31.788273559374,-96.2362037782919 ;31.7884788823207,-96.2364834419288


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$16,680 cash (discounted price)
211 County Road 1131
Fairfield, TX 75840
Lot Size:
2.52 acres m/l
For Sale
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